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In the new plant in San Lazzaro di Savena, adjacent to the Manufacturing Centre of Excellence inaugurated in 2019, is the new home of innovation of Poggipolini, a development and testing centre open to start-ups, suppliers, customers, and universities.

The Mission: to work in open innovation, aiming to develop and implement new technological solutions, mainly aimed at the aerospace, defence, and new mobility sectors. Speed Up Lab: a new home for innovation, a true Factory of the Future, open to those who, like us, believe in skills, courage, and new generations.

Our Technology Partnerships



The Internet of Fasteners:

A new era for critical and special bolts:
The Internet of Fasteners.

Now the fasteners is not only critical or special, but intelligent and capable of communicating technical data in real time.




Mechadigital: Sens-in® Bolt
An intuition, a challenge that has become a revolutionary product: the Sens-in® Bolt, the smart bolt is born.

The objective is to combine electronic components and sensors with mechanical engineering in an innovative product that can perform several functions simultaneously, thereby optimising weight and space in order to become a new solution for monitoring complex systems. The Sens-in® was patented as a result of the collaboration between Poggipolini, a leader in the design and manufacture of fasteners for the aerospace and Motorsports industries, with the support of Research Centres and cutting-edge European Universities, after three years of work, studies and prototyping, according to different physical quantities intercepted by fasteners.

The first "intelligent" bolt integrating sensitive elements for measuring temperatures, thermal flows and other physical parameters (patent pending).

Sens-in® Bolt

2014 - Poggipolini started to think about the solution to transform a fastener into an intelligent device: Sens-in® is born!

2015 - The first patent is registered and many prototypes are designed and manufactured.

2016 - Poggipolini starts to share his idea to own main customers and tests with their labs the strength of the own technology.

2017 - Poggipolini launches the innovative business unit Digital. First framework contract signed with leading automotive OEM.

2018 - SENS-IN® Bolt is the trademark for all the I.O.T. Poggipolini bolts. Several new patents are in process.

2019 - Artificial intelligence and virtual sensing are some of the challenges of the future for our products.

Additive Manufacturing:

Roboze is an Italian American technology company that designs and manufactures what are considered to be the most repeatable and industrialised 3D printers in the world. Its additive manufacturing systems are among the most chosen by companies operating in regulated sectors such as aerospace, defence, energy, and motorsport, with a wide range of super polymers and composites, capable of replacing metal parts and required to operate under extreme conditions, in a variety of applications.

Their experience in supporting the digital transition of these companies will be a critical factor in the development of Poggipolini’s Factory of the Future objectives in the industrialisation of complex and sophisticated parts.


Innovators since 1970

All the most significant news and the most interesting achievements in recent years.

Titanium as a solution to weight reduction and new business opportunities.

Titanium new business opportunity


Our strength is to think, design and offer our customers innovative solutions, ideas and products.
We have introduced solutions that have become standard today.



Special project

Titanium panels for supercars

The project has gone through 2 steps, and involved 3 structural parts:
the upper part of the rear window (Fig. 1), the motor cover (Fig. 2), the central part of the bumper immediately under the engine exhaust (Fig. 3).

1 Step) re-engineering of the structural parts with a new material, titanium sheet, to replace carbon fibre which tended to turn yellow after continuous exposure to heat.

2 Step) producing and forging the titanium sheet, keeping the drawing, the thicknesses and the original curves of the first carbon fibre production.

WEIGHT REDUCTION: 10-15% less weight than the carbon fibre version.

TECHNICAL ADVANTAGES: lighter solution on high temperature areas such as the engine area.

STYLE: high-tech and exclusive style, very interesting product, new solutions in terms of style.

APPLICATIONS: perfect solution for covers, external and internal panels, bodywork and air grilles.

OPPORTUNITY: new product solution and competitive costs compared to carbon fibre.


In some applications, design is as important as technical and mechanical performance.
We combine design with technology and create unique and exclusive products for our customers.



Titanium roll bar and wheel bolts
for the new Abarth 695 biposto

Poggipolini is a strategic partner for the new Abarth 695 biposto exhibited for the first time on 4th March at the 84th Geneva international Motor Show.

Poggipolini developed and produced the titanium roll-bar and wheel bolts.
The roll-bar is made entirely of titanium and weighs 50% less than the first version made of steel. Each piece is fully welded by hand, in special high-vacuum chambers which increase the physical-mechanical characteristics. It is a structural process that uses the same technologies in the manufacturing process as those used by F1.

Each roll-bar is numbered and subjected to an electronic quality control of the latest generation, with tolerances of tenths of a micron per cm2. The visible welds and sandblasted finish of the titanium give a sporty, hi-tech appeal to the roll bar increasing its added value. The wheel studs, made from full titanium bars, reduce the weight of each wheel by 1 Kg, increasing by 50% the clamping force between the wheel and the hub, making driving even more exciting. The bolts are all customised by laser with the Abarth logo.

Titanium special bolts

Titanium wheel bolts produced by Poggipolini are made from full titanium bars - Ti-6Al-4V (also known as Gr. 5; material used routinely in the aerospace industry) - and help reduce the weight of of each wheel by 1 kg, increasing by 50% the clamping force between wheel and hub.

The advantage obtained on rotating masses allows a significant reduction in inertia, with immediate and perceptible benefits in the responsiveness of the driving performance of the car.

The bolts are provided with captive washers, which, together with surface treatment called DLC (Diamond Like Carbon), completely changes the physical interaction at the interface between the various components involved, allowing you to double the bolt torque in order to further increase your driving enjoyment.

IFurthermore, titanium is a material that does not corrode, is more durable and flexible than standard steel and is renowned as a valuable material.

APPLICATIONS: The product is ideal for limited editions of cars and/or for customisations (optional).

POGGIPOLINI CURRENTLY SUPPLIES TITANIUM WHEEL BOLTS TO: Ferrari (OEM - F458 Special), Lamborghini (OEM - Special edition), Porsche (911 GT3 RS, 718 Cayman S), McLaren (Mp4-12C - P1), Bugatti (Veyron 16.4.), Fiat-ABARTH (695 Biposto).


Application: hose fittings

QUICK RELEASE PIPE CONNECTORS: conditions> weak point of the line; requirements> watertight connection; use> extremely variable conditions.

CONDITIONS: aluminium alloy for aerospace> guaranteed reliability; processed from solid material > unmatched robustness; lightweight and compact > excellent weight/strength ratio.

REQUIREMENTS: high-pressure liquid seal > unchanged performance; shock-absorbing structure > failure-proof durability; design TwistStop > maximum safety.

USE: monolithic design > cost reduction; used by a single operator > quick installation operations; suitable for many applications > easy standardisation.

ADVANTAGES OVER TRADITIONAL APPLICATION: lighter and more compact; more resistant, designed for rotation, available in any size, even in titanium.

Special project

«Excellence is not an achievement, it is a daily job that requires a lot of energy and passion.»

Stefano Poggipolini - President