Know-how and processing technologies.

Our goal is to become your added value. We are driven by the continuous pursuit of excellence in every area, from the most advanced production systems to materials, coatings and most innovative treatments.
Our certifications confirm our level of expertise and quality. Our passion reflects our commitment in searching for the best product and going extra mile.

Production processes


Our technical department takes care of all kinds of analysis, simulation and study for any type of mechanical component required.

With over 65 years of experience in special materials, treatments, coatings and special processes, the Poggipolini technical and development department also works to find new solutions to customer problems.

Poggipolini engineers are trained to handle customised work orders according to the designs supplied by the customer, and to develop new products to offer, such as new future business opportunities.

In addition, since 1999, Poggipolini has developed the 3D Rapid Prototyping department (SLS technology) in order to offer fast, complete and personalised service.

Poggipolini R&D is at your service.

Production processes

Hot forging

Poggipolini is specialised in hot forging of different materials and sizes.

- STAINLESS STEEL: 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 PH
- Carbon Steel: AISI 304, AISI 4340
- Special steel: AERMET100, MARAGING 300, INCONEL

from 5 mm to 60 mm in diameter, with a length from 10 mm to 280-320 mm. Poggipolini's equipment for hot forging consists of three forgers: 100 tonnes, 165 tonnes and 250 tonnes.

This equipment allows us to process a wide range of shapes, sizes and volumes of unrivalled quality. This process is automotive and aerospace qualified.

Moreover, thanks to the innovative high-speed forging process, we can supply titanium screws in industrial volumes.

Production processes


Additive manufacturing is the new frontier of the industrial production of mechanical and structural parts.

Since 2016, Poggipolini has created its additive manufacturing laboratory to offer Additive Manufacturing as a immediate solution production of parts for F1, aerospace, automotive, packaging sectors and others.

With extensive experience in the aerospace field for weight reduction and re-design projects, the AM solution proposed, complements our production and machining offer.

In addition to the supply of finished mechanical parts, we also offer consultancy for AM redesigning of components produced by traditional techniques.

Production processes


Cutting edge machining centres with five to ten axes able to ensure maximum productivity for high precision and complex productions.

With over 60 years of experience, Poggipolini has a cutting-edge production department for precision machining, with over 35 latest generation of CNC machines able to process materials such as aluminium, titanium, inconel steel and super alloys, quickly and flexibly. Poggipolini employs qualified and specialised engineers and technicians, who represent the added value of the company. Continuous staff training, plus hardware and software updating of the work centres allow us to manage production efficiently and competitively.

Our processing includes:
- Milling up to 5 axes
- Multitasking Turning up to 10 axes
- Superfinishing
- Cold and hot thread rolling
Poggipolini also specialises in welding and forming titanium.

Production processes

Thread rolling

Poggipolini has over 40 years’ experience in thread rolling on special materials such as titanium and special steel alloys.

The company's know-how in thread rolling is one of the core capabilities of Poggipolini and this special process is qualified for the aerospace, automotive and F1 sectors. Poggipolini also carries out hot thread rolling. The following are the types of material and the dimensions which can be machined, as well as the size of the available equipment.

STAINLESS STEEL: 17-4 PH, 15-5 PH, 13-8 PH
- Carbon Steel: ACC. AISI 304, AISI4340
- Special Steel: AERMET100, MARAGING 300, INCONEL
- Any kind of aluminium

M4 to M70, with both metric and inch threads. Equipment: 5 tonnes, 10 tonnes and 30 tonnes rolling capacity.

Special processes


The heat treatment department is another of Poggipolini's core technologies.

The heat treatment department has two vacuum furnaces with different load dimensions and high-pressure cooling methods (up to 10 bar). This makes it possible to supply both small and large industrial lots.

This know-how is crucial to meet the customers' technical requirements and to reduce the delivery time, while maintaining a high quality level. In addition, Poggipolini's extensive technical expertise allows us to offer customers the best heat treatment for each component.

Poggipolini's heat treatment department is NADCAP certified.

Special processes


The NDT process is carried out in a specialised department, with advanced technology and performed by three specialised Level 2 operator.

Non-destructive tests (NDT) are a set of tests and examinations aimed at finding discontinuities in materials and products that do not require the destruction of parts of the structure.

Investments in the continuous training of staff and the purchase of the latest generation of equipment and technology, have enabled us to achieve NADCAP aerospace accreditation.

The processes carried out are:


Special processes


Specific galvanic processes for any production on a wide and comprehensive range of metals.

Over the years, we have implemented a production diversification policy which, together with business flexibility, have enabled our galvanising department to offer its customers the widest range of processes that are necessary for metal surface finishing in the top three target sectors.

- Passivation
- Passivation of stainless steel conforming to ASTM B967 - AMS 2700

Anodising of titanium and titanium alloys in accordance with: EN2808 - DTD942
Poggipolini's special galvanic process is certified by Agusta Westland.

Production processes

and testing lab

The quality and controls in Poggipolini productions are rigorous and take place during each stage of the production process.

Every year our company invests in certifications and quality controls.

Over 35 years in F1 as a production leader, has allowed us to create and offer a quality level that meets the requirements of the aerospace industry.

All checks and analyses such as 3D dimensional checks and non-destructive testing, shear strength tests, tensile tests and fatigue tests, are carried out in the company.

Poggipolini also performs tensile, metallographic and hardness tests on each production to ensure the mechanical/metallurgical properties.

Poggipolini is certified ISO 9001, EN 9100 and NADCAP.

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