Our history and our skills

Speed Up The Future

The future means nothing without our passion,
our history, our dreams.

If you want to take on the future, never forget the road you've travelled on to get here, to this present. We've been used to thinking of the future as an extension of who we are today, of what we've been in the past; sometimes it's easy, just to take whatever we're good at and try to make it better, because for the future, that’s enough. But not today..

Speed Up The Future.

The world is changing at a speed that we can only guess at, all the approaches that until yesterday we called innovation, have now changed forever.

Here at Poggipolini, we are used to being completely immersed in the future. It is part of our history, of our character: it is from here that we start to make a return to the present, without forgetting where we come from and where we want to go. The future is our responsibility, we create it, one day at a time, in the now.

Our history and skills

We still are. For three generations, always with the same passion, we have been offering competence, innovation, and precision mechanics. But no future would be possible if we did not start from what we are capable of doing - from our history.

Poggipolini Spa (Plc), founded in 1950 by Calisto, is a company specialising in design and high precision machining. We provide highly innovative technical solutions for weight reduction, critical components and structural fastening systems for the aerospace, automotive and motorsports sectors. We offer complete solutions ranging from design to the realisation of the finished product, always offering the highest quality and expertise.

You can find the experiences that have been a part of our lives inside every component that we conceive, design, and make. Our creations, in the hands of every engineer or mechanic, tell of the passion, of the absolute competence, of the history that has brought us here, into the future.

and Special Fasteners

We specialise in the design and production of critical, vital and standard bolts made of Titanium, Inconel and other special alloys through innovative hot forging processes.
We supply the Aerospace, Automotive and Motorsports sectors.

Our certifications:

High Tech

We are driven by the continuous pursuit of excellence in every aspect, starting from the continuous improvement of our production systems to research and test of the materials, finishing and the most innovative treatments. We provide our customers with unique solutions.

With our technologically advanced processes and our know-how on materials, treatments and coatings, we are able to offer advanced solutions to our customers. We are prepared to solve impossible challenges. This is why we are the added value of our customers.

We are certified and have worked for the aviation and space industries since 1996.

Main customers

Our customers, our pride and the confirmation of our growth in recent years.

In recent years, Poggipolini not only confirmed its position as an excellent supplier for the F1 sector, but also became a key provider in the aerospace and automotive industries. Today, over 50% of turnover is produced in the aerospace sector and this positioning will also be consolidated in the future.

We have all the processes in house.

All production and finishing processes are managed completely within our company, reducing the TIME to MARKET of the product and guaranteeing competitiveness.

Cutting-edge technologies for high value-added components.

Our history bears witness to a great passion

From precision machining up to the creation of new products and innovative technological solutions.

Expertise, innovation, excellence.

From 1950 to 1976

1950 - Calisto Poggipolini founds the Poggipolini mechanical workshop in San Lazzaro near Bologna, working first for the medical and jewellery industries.

1971 - Poggipolini S.r.l produces the first special bolts made of titanium, an innovative material, unknown in Italy, which has mechanical and weight reduction properties. In this period, all the tools needed to process this new metal are redesigned.

1975 - During the first edition of the Bologna Motor Show, Poggipolini S.r.l introduces the first titanium bolt kit to reduce the weight of GP and motocross bikes. It was a great success!

During this period, Poggipolini enters a stage of great business transformation.

1976 - Orders increase. The company begins to provide fasteners and aluminium and titanium fittings to Ducati, Aprilia, Brembo and other companies and keeps on specialising in weight reduction systems.

From 1984 to 2000

1984 - The company enters the F1 market and becomes the official Porsche supplier for the McLaren TAG turbo engines.

1988 - The company becomes the official supplier of Ferrari Ge.S. establishing a solid partnership that continues today.

1994 - Poggipolini designs and manufactures the first all-titanium frame for a motorcycle; reducing the weight from 200 Kg to 135 Kg. This set all the racing world on fire! It was a great success!

1996 - With experience in Formula 1, the company begins to take an interest in the aerospace sector. With its know-how and acquired technologies, it becomes the official supplier of special screws and structural parts for Agusta Westland - Finmeccanica helicopters.

2000 - Investments in advanced technologies continue. A department dedicated to rapid SLS prototyping, a department for hot pressing and a department for vacuum heat treatments are created; fast supply and higher quality.

From 2001 to 2011

2001 - Poggipolini S.r.l acquires the famous NCR brand and founds the NCR Factory. NCR becomes the showcase of Poggipolini's know-how, experience, technology and passion. NCR bikes are considered the most exclusive and innovative motorcycles in the world.

2004 - The company enters the automotive industry starting to design and produce special components and implements solutions for weight reduction for car manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and Bugatti.

2005 - The company keeps on investing in human resources and technologies so that it obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN 9100 certifications.

2009 - In these years Poggipolini produces and designs special components made of carbon fibre.

2011 - The company creates the NDT laboratory (for non-destructive tests) with complete and highly technological equipment.

2013 - Poggipolini S.r.l becomes a NADCAP accredited company for heat treatment and non-destructive testing.

From 2014 to 2019

2014 - The company installs its first electrolytic process plant for passivation and anodising.

2015 - Poggipolini purchases an Index R300 double turret centre with 5 independent axes. In the same period, the company participates and wins the Horizon 2020, a European investment fund for technological innovation and production programmes.

2016 - Poggipolini S.r.l, in collaboration with Isanik, an Italian start-up specialised in sensors, invents the first 'intelligent’ screws: Sens-in® Bolt.

2018 - The first fast production line of special titanium screws is completed and installed. An innovation in the screws' sector.

2019 - The company grows and the Poggipolini family invests in the project of a new production site. The company buys 20,000mq of land and from May 2019 realizes the first step that will allow it to continue growing and developing its business.

We have always invested in the future, in what we are capable of doing. But the future alone is not enough, it is how we will be able to shape it for you, that interests us in Poggipolini, speed up the future.

NCR M16 concept

A bike built with a singular focus; maximum performance at the lowest possible weight.

Made with extensive use of titanium, composite and other light and special products "made" in Poggipolini, derived from sectors such as F1, MotoGP and aerospace.

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200+Hp 145 Kgs

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