Poggipolini is a leader in the design and production of structural and special fasteners in titanium and in high performance components. We are experts in weight reduction solutions.

Titanium fasteners

We began to produce titanium lightening screws in 1970 and today we offer solutions for reducing weight by providing our customers with titanium fasteners for frames, suspensions, engines, brakes, interior and bodywork arrangements.
We also design and produce special and high-tech components for our customers, aimed at reducing weight and offering high perceived value and exclusivity to the end user.
Through years of 360-degree research, today we can also offer titanium fasteners as an alternative to steel fasteners (up to class 12.9) for Premium cars.

Suspension group


Hot forged and machined from solid titanium fasteners machined through anodization and lubricant MOS-2 processes.

Wheel bolt kit


Hot forged and machined from solid titanium wheel bolts with floating aluminum washer.

Engine & Transmission


Titanium fasteners group printed and machined from solid: Size 550mm - 13mm, 270mm - 130mm.

We design and propose to our customers critical and aesthetic components in titanium, aluminium and carbon, with the aim of reducing weight and offering exclusive innovations.
With in-house design and production skills, we assist the client from the study and design to mass production.
The components can be made from solid, moulded, forged and from Additive Manufacturing.

High tech and Design parts

Structural parts


A complex rear hood obtained from sheetmetal forming with several different shapes developing in height. Upper rear window made of titanium sheet, printed and engraved with laser custom pattern.

Structural parts


Unloading base made from printed titanium sheet.

Brake group & Trasmission


Titanium wheel brake bell with shot peening finishing and machined from solid titanium studs machined through hot thread rolling, available in different dimensions.


During 50 years of supply in the Motorsports sector, we have developed an extreme technical competence.
By adding our passion for design and mechanics, we can offer mechanical solutions that help reduce weight and make our customers' cars more exclusive and unique.

Weight reduction

We offer weight reduction solutions by replacing steel screws with titanium screws, including for high-volume production.

Not only screws:
- bulkheads and bodywork panels, engine and interior in titanium, both aesthetic and structural;
- mechanical and/or aesthetic accessories worked mechanically, both in titanium and carbon;
- titanium welded structures, such as roll bars and frames;
- Additive Manufacturing

Tecnique and Design

By combining our technologies with our know-how, we are able to offer solutions for solving technical problems. Above all, they enable us to offer new business opportunities for our customers, opening up new markets.


Design, mechanical excellence and passion, these are the values that you will find when collaborating with us.

«Excellence is not an achievement, it is a daily job that requires a lot of energy and passion.»

Stefano Poggipolini - President

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