Hot Fast Forging

Poggipolini is a leader in the design and production of critical, vital and standard fasteners that are hot pressed in titanium, inconel and all special alloys.
We supply the aerospace, automotive and motorsports industries.

Since 1970 we have produced titanium fasteners

In 1984 we started producing fasteners, bolts and critical fasteners in titanium and in special steel alloys for the main F1 teams. Since 1996 we have served the aerospace sector, especially helicopters and since 2009 we have started to specialise in this field, including design.

The production process takes place entirely inside the company: from raw material sourcing to hot forging, precision machining, cold and hot thread rolling, up to the final heat treatment and the non-destructive testing. The company is also equipped with a galvanic process plant for anodising titanium and for the passivation of steel in accordance with aviation standards.

NADCAP qualified special processes

Hot forging

Hot fast forging


Hot fast forging

Flexibility and high productivity

The speed and flexibility in producing small batches of critical fasteners allowed us to position ourselves at leadership levels for the helicopter, space, hypercars and motorsports sectors.
Thanks to the HOT FAST FORGING project, developed in Poggipolini, with its revolutionary production process for titanium fasteners, today we can offer a tailor-made service and high-volume productions, thus entering the sectors of fixed wing aeroplane and premium cars.

Hot fast forging


The innovative Hot Fast Forging process allows us to offer titanium and inconel fasteners for applications in aerostructures, engines and landing gear.
Our added value is not only in production capacity but also in the competence to know how to design and solve the criticality of our customers requirements: competitiveness, short lead time and better performance.

Hot fast forging

Premium production

By means of the innovative Hot Fast Forging process we can offer, at competitive prices, weight reduction solutions by offering titanium fasteners as an alternative to the classic steel fasteners. This technology allows the introduction of titanium into premium applications that was previously unthinkable.