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— Company #02

Since 1970 experts in critical fasteners.

  • Since 1950 excellence, innovation and passion. Precision engineering for three generations.
    Experts in hot forging and in complex machining in titanium, inconel and special steel alloys.
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— Sector #03


fasteners and precision parts.

  • Since 1996 we have been designing and manufacturing critical and structural components for the aerospace and space industry.
    We are leaders in hot forging of critical and standard bolts in Titanium and special steel alloys and in highly complex mechanical parts. We are certified EN 9100 e NADCAP.
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— Sector #04


experts in weight reduction.

  • We design and produce weight reduction solutions, thanks to the experience gained in over 30 years of Formula 1.
    We develop solutions to replace steel screws with titanium screws, -50% by weight, and we design structural and aesthetic parts to obtain the best result, both in terms of performance and competitiveness.
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— Sector #05


speed and performance.

  • Innovation, speed, flexibility and passion. We have supplied the F1 teams since 1984.
    We have always been looking for maximum performance, to support our customers in a sector where the only thing that counts is to win.
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— Technology #06

Fasteners, leader in hot forging.

  • We are specialists in the design and production of critical and structural fasteners and fastening systems for the aerospace and automotive sectors.
    From vertical hot forging to the new High Speed Production process, we are qualified to supply helicopters, aircrafts, engines and space.
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— Technology #07

Specialist in precision machining

  • Precision mechanics for three generations. Over 60 years of experience in processing titanium, special alloys and composites.
    Our technologies, up to 10 axes, and our Fast Make to Mass Make model allow us to make the difference in complex and precision systems.
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— Innovation #08

Innovation, our added value.

  • Our mission is to propose and develop innovative solutions, working together with our customers.
    Our Open Innovation model and our F1 culture allow us to reduce the time-to-market of advanced products.
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These words of welcome, which would have been our greetings at Farnborough Airshow 2020, are now becoming our welcome to this new virtual experience.

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