Innovation: the driving force of our company

Our company has always stood out for the innovation and high quality of its products as well as for its attention to detail from design, production, to final inspection.

The knowledge, acquired in over 60 years of activity, has allowed us to gain the experience that enables us to research and offer new production technologies and innovative products. Poggipolini's DNA is confirmed by its continuous effort to maximise performance and solve critical issues in high performance areas where technological change is already pushed to its highest level.


Innovation Technology

PRO.F.I.T., which stands for Production for Fasteners in Titanium, is the innovative technology process for producing titanium screws in high volumes.

In 1970, Poggipolini began producing titanium screws for Motorsports, becoming the official supplier for Formula 1 (Ferrari and McLaren) in the 1980s, then for the aerospace industry in the 1990s (Agusta and Finmeccanica helicopters) and finally for the automotive industry since 2004 (Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti, McLaren, Porsche and FCA).

With the PRO.F.I.T. project and its revolutionary production process for titanium screws, POGGIPOLINI is changing from a semi-manual production to mass production process.

This will allow Poggipolini to become a new player in the market of titanium series fasteners for the aerospace industry and will also offer the possibility of using these titanium fasteners for the automotive market.


Innovation Technology

An intuition, a challenge that has become a revolutionary product: the E-Fastener, the smart screw is born.

The objective is to combine electronic components and sensors with mechanical engineering in an innovative product that can perform several functions simultaneously, thereby optimising weight and space in order to become a new solution for monitoring complex systems.

The E-Fastener was patented as a result of the collaboration between Poggipolini, a leader in the design and manufacture of fasteners for the aerospace and Motorsports industries, and Isanik, an innovative startup, specialising in sensor solutions, with the support of Research Centres and cutting-edge European Universities, after three years of work, studies and prototyping, according to different physical quantities intercepted by fasteners.

The first "intelligent" screw integrating sensitive elements for measuring temperatures, thermal flows and other physical parameters (patent pending).



Innovation Technology

We have invested in Additive Manufacturing to complete a production offer that is not limited to traditional manufacturing processes.

At Poggipolini we have set up a modern design centre and additive manufacturing dedicated to rapid prototyping and production of mechanical parts finished with different metal alloys (steel, aluminium, titanium).

We can quickly produce functional metal prototypes with laser melting technology, (DMLS) EOS. Thanks to our partnership with Dragonfly and the collaboration with EOS, we can also create objects with large dimensions (max 400 x 400 x 360 mm).

These are the main powders we can process:
- Aluminium AlSi10Mg;
- Titanium Ti64 - Ti6Al4V;
- 316l Steel;
- Inconel 625;

In addition, our engineering department is able to contribute to the development of your new product with specialised services for additive redesigning, lightening and performing material characterisation tests.


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