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The Emilia Romagna region, located in northern Italy, is famous for its history of passion and excellence in various sectors, but it is also known as Motor Valley. It is the birthplace of important companies engaged both in Motorsports and in high performance automobiles such as Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani and Ducati.


Passion, commitment and determination give us the drive to achieve ambitious goals ...

In 1950, Calisto Poggipolini founded a workshop with his family name. In the beginning, he produced watch cases then, due to market changes, he began to produce and design components for the hydraulic parts of dental chairs.
When his son Stefano was 16, he decided to join the company and cultivate his passion for motocross. Thanks to his son’s passion, Calisto had the idea of creating titanium screws and special parts for bikes and motorcycles, featuring vehicles with lighter parts that were more resistant to wear. From then on, Poggipolini increased its commitment and today it supplies automakers, Formula One teams and major aircraft companies, thanks to the highly specialised machining of materials such as titanium, carbon, and steel super alloys.

Interview with Stefano Poggipolini:

Mr Poggipolini, was it your passion for motorbikes that shone a light on the family business?
«It was a major boost. It helped us to do two things: the first, and most important one, was to invent a job that did not previously exist, to create special parts; the second, to believe in it so much that we decided to participate in a Motor Show with our little stand in the mid ‘70s».
And how did you get your customers?
«Almost naturally. Because we make mechanical parts that resist to stress much better than others».
When did you realise that the idea could work?
«When Ducati and Brembo asked us to produce for them. In the beginning, we sold a screw for twenty thousand liras and we were told that no one would ever buy any. Also because we were the only ones who made them with titanium».
So, instead, everything went fine?
«Absolutely, it went so well that at the end of the ‘80s I personally went to Ferrari to offer our products».
What's so special about them?
«We specialise in top quality, high-precision machining with special alloys».

Forgive my ignorance. What's the difference between ferrous materials and aluminium?
«Everything. Take a plane with a carbon fibre fuselage rather than an aluminium one. In that case, the hardware must be redesigned, the size of the pieces, weights and resistance change».
So, you don't just work on commission-based jobs for third parties. You are also engaged in the design as well as in the production of the parts?
«Yes, and ours is a fascinating job because of it! There is no routine, there is something new every day. In the form of a new problem to solve».
The crisis, from 2008 onward, has created new ones all the time?
«We were really penalised by Formula One cutting costs; this led to less research (vuoi dire domanda?) on parts and materials. Today the sector accounts for 20 percent of our revenues».
Where does the rest come from?
«In large part from the aerospace sector we entered several years ago. In recent years, there has been a strong impetus to build new lighter and stronger aircraft alloys, in order to reduce fuel consumption without reducing safety».
Is this possible?
«Yes, sure it is! Controls in this sector are very strict. One of our screws must go through and pass twenty tests, not only carried out by us but also by certified organisations. A batch of 100 screws results in a technical report of one hundred pages».
In addition to Formula One and aerospace, do you produce for other sectors?
«We have acquired NCR, where we build special motorcycles with high technological content. And we continue to produce special parts for private customers. Many are Ducati fans who use our products to make their bikes lighter».
Planes, motorcycles, racing cars. You don't lack anything!
«We have also been working for the automotive industry over the past years. We design and create pieces for series production super cars, Ferrari, Porsche, which must combine lightness, power and durability».

“Il Resto del Carlino”, by Marco Girella, Mascagni Award.


Our history bears witness to a great passion.

From precision machining up to the creation of new products and innovative technological solutions...


Calisto Poggipolini founds the Poggipolini mechanical workshop in San Lazzaro near Bologna, working first for the medical and jewellery industries.


Poggipolini Srl produces the first special bolts made of titanium, an innovative material, unknown in Italy, which has mechanical and weight reduction properties. In this period, all the tools needed to process this new metal are redesigned.


During the first edition of the Bologna Motor Show, Poggipolini Srl introduces the first titanium bolt kit to reduce the weight of GP and motocross bikes. It was a great success.

During this period, Poggipolini enters a stage of great business transformation ...


The company begins to provide fasteners and aluminium and titanium fittings to Ducati, Aprilia, Brembo and other companies and keeps on specialising in weight reduction systems.


The company enters the F1 market and becomes the official Porsche supplier for the McLaren TAG turbo engines.


The company becomes the official supplier of Ferrari Ge.S. establishing a solid partnership that continues today.


Poggipolini designs and manufactures the first all-titanium frame for a motorcycle; reducing the weight from 200 Kg to 135 Kg. This set all the racing world on fire! It was a great success.


With experience in Formula 1, the company begins to take an interest in the aerospace sector. With its know-how and acquired technologies, it becomes the official supplier of special screws and structural parts for Agusta Westland - Finmeccanica helicopters.


Investments in advanced technologies continue with the opening of a department dedicated to rapid prototyping (SLS - Selective Laser Sintering), a department for hot forging and a department for heat treatment vacuum to meet the requirements of customers: fast supply and higher quality.


Poggipolini Srl acquires the famous NCR brand and founds the NCR Factory. NCR becomes the showcase of Poggipolini's know-how, experience, technology and passion. NCR bikes are considered the most exclusive and innovative motorcycles in the world.


The company enters the automotive industry starting to design and produce special components and implements solutions for weight reduction for car manufacturers including Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and Bugatti.


The company keeps on investing in human resources and technologies so that it obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001 and UNI EN 9100 certifications.


Poggipolini begins to provide its customers with products and special components made of carbon fibre, that are designed and developed in-house.


The company opens an NDT laboratory (for non-destructive testing) with full equipment.


Poggipolini Srl becomes a NADCAP accredited company for heat treatment and non-destructive testing.


The company installs its first electrolytic process plant for passivation and anodising.


Poggipolini purchases an Index R300 double turret centre with 5 independent axes.

In the same period, the company participates and wins the Horizon 2020, a European investment fund for technological innovation and production programmes.


Poggipolini Srl, in collaboration with Isanik, an Italian start-up specialised in sensors, invents the first 'intelligent' screw: E-Fasteners.

During the year, Poggipolini establishes a partnership with Dragonfly, building the first additive manufacturing production centre in Bologna with EOS technology.



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